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      1. Types and styles of ampoules

          Ampoules are small glass containers used to hold liquid medicines. The capacity is generally 1-25 ...

      2. Characteristics of High Borosilicate Glass

          Borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, about one third of ordinary gl...

      3. Wide application of high borosilicate glass

          The fire resistance and physical strength of borosilicate glass make it an ideal choice in the lab...

      4. Auxiliary Materials for High Borosilicate Glass Tubes

          Generally, it includes clarifier, colorant, decolorizer, opacifier, flux and so on.  (1) Clarifier...

      5. Main raw materials of high borosilicate glass tube

          According to the properties of the introduced oxides, they are divided into acid oxides, alkali ox...

      6. Introduction of High Borosilicate Glass Tube

          High borosilicate glass is made by melting glass through heating in the interior of the glass, whi...


          Sodium calcium glass, one of the silicate glasses. It is mainly composed of silica, calcium oxide ...

      8. Introduction of Medicinal Glass

          Medicinal glass refers to the glass specially used for drug packaging, generally refers to glass b...

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